Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update - YouTube Video Interface Updated!

I just noticed this posting a link to the tongue-in-cheek Apple TV commercial ad showing on YouTube for a not-quite "embedded video" reference.

Thought it was just me.

The interface looked different. Almost iTunes like.

It's got some buttons to aid in link embedding as well as a cool "Related Videos" feature that shows related videos in popup mini-windows at the bottom of the video.

Not 100% sure I like it, but it does have a certain polish to it now.

I'm sure this will give them more locations to drop some on-screen advertising placements.

The YouTube blog post New! Related Videos Appearing on Embeds clarifies that depending on the addition of a rel=0 parameter to the video url link end, can turn the "related" feature on and off on the videos. Example:

That post has two examples to show the differences.

Nice to have that flexibility!

--via Google Blogoscoped: New YouTube Interface for Embedded Videos


--Update: YouTube seems to have "tweaked" the interface yet again. Now the list of related videos doesn't show unless you hit a mini-menu button.

--via Google Blogoscoped: YouTube Partially Takes Back Interface Changes

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