Sunday, June 03, 2007

Links for your TPS Report

Here is a range of links for your amusement.

For the Practical minded

10 Cool Things You Can Do With (the New) Google Analytics - via GoogleBlogoscoped. I'm really finding the new and improved interface to Google Analytics much more user friendly. I knew it had a lot of horsepower, but these tips are great.

20 Ways to Use Gmail Filters - Via Because filters aren't only for your morning coffee anymore.

For the Wacky minded

You're On Notice! - The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator - Oh, the possibilities before me....

For the Speed Racer fans

First look: 'Speed Racer's' demon on wheels - Via USATODAY. Speed Racer was my first introduction as a very young child that there was a whole different world to American cartoons...and It Was Good! Can't wait for this movie to come out. Might be a bit cheesy, but the nostalgia factor is pretty strong and the special effects should be outstanding.

For the Aubrey-Maturin (a.k.a. Master and Commander) fans

Aubrey–Maturin series - Via Wikipedia. All the info on all the books in the series. Good place to help sort it all out.

The Patrick O'Brian Mapping Project - Amazing use of Google Maps API mashups. If you are a fan of the Aubrey-Maturin series you HAVE to check this out. Patrick plots the adventures and sea-cruises from the characters and stories on Google Maps, and leaves notes from the novels. Truly an original and inspired use of Google Maps.

For the Abandoned Spaces explorers

russos: Подземная база подводных лодок, часть I - Which translates from Russian into something like "I'm in ur abandoned nuclear sub-base...stealing ur former seckrets!" Really Cool pictures...worth taking a quick peek at.

And for those confused with the TPS Report reference

TPS report (Office Space) - Via Wikipedia. One of the driving forces of madness and banality in the move that reminds us geeks that there is yet hope, heaven, and career satisfaction away from our current cubicles and in the real world of construction labor.

Office Space - Via Wikipedia. The sleeper movie where the red Swingline stapler and TPS reports became part of geek pop-culture, and a youthful Jennifer Aniston becomes fed up with "flair."

Initech TPS Report cover sheet - (PDF file link) Attach it to something and file it in your favorite manager's mailbox.

TPS report - Via Wikipedia. What the REAL ones are about, some kind of boring IEEE 829 - Test Procedure Specification or whatnot.


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