Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yeah, but they still probably won't make it past mine...

Via Yahoo! News

Four ISPs Join Anti-Spam, E-Mail Delivery Program - Yahoo! News

Four major Internet service providers on Thursday joined a program that charges major business and e-commerce sites for guaranteed delivery of their e-mails.

Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable's Road Runner and Verizon will support Goodmail Systems' CertifiedEmail program, which charges companies a quarter of a penny per message to ensure that their e-mails bypass spam filters and reach their destination.

I understand the idea...provide a way for companies to ensure their emails aren't trapped by the ISP's spam they can get delivered on to the customers.

However, one of the factors I judge an ISP (or web email service) by, is how effective their email filters are for keeping that stuff out in the first place! ALL unsolicited emails are pretty much considered spam to me. The thought of them charging a company to send out email that I may consider spam, so it doesn't get caught by their filters so then it can get caught by mine amuses me.

Between Thunderbird's spam filtering ability, custom filters, and passing email through Gmail's spam still is pretty easy to keep the bulk, of bulk-spam out of my inbox.

God bless 'em for trying.


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