Saturday, June 23, 2007

Harry Potter Hacked? Possible but Doubtful.

I saw a few posts on this on the HP fan sites I check-in with periodically.

Nearabout every new Harry Potter book release date there come the various waves of "inside-lead" spoiler posts around the Net.

Claims by some to have gotten their hands on a draft copy of a HP book, or a break-in to a book storage warehouse.

I always dismiss the claims...and haven't bothered going looking for this one as well.

What I did find interesting is that SANS-ISC Handler's Diary even choose to comment on the news: Hacking Harry.

The post gave a gentle "hem hem" reminder to readers that corporate espionage attempts to crack high-value targets with loaded email are still alive and working.  So beware those emails!  You may not work for the DOD but there is probably something of value to to someone on your hard-drive at work or home.  Guard your data like that philosopher's stone at Hogwarts!

The Rememberall Says

Try to keep these tips in mind as Harry Fever begins to reach its peak:

When fans and the public get excited about something they have been waiting for for a long time, sometimes they can toss judgement and reason to the winds...


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