Saturday, January 24, 2015

Windows Tweaking Tool List - Updated

My “portable” Windows USB tool collection currently contains just over over 11.5 GB worth of applications I want to keep at the ready when working on a Windows system.

I like to think of it as a “EDSC” Everyday Software Carry version of the cool "EDC" Everyday Carry analog.

Two of my long-term goals are to 1) document and post on GSD an organized lineup of the tools for reference (remember this attempt?) , and 2) to cull through the pile and week out those that I no longer regularly use or are applicable to the post XP Windows environment I now live and work in (Windows 7/8/10).

Alas, I’m far away from tackling either of those noble quests at the moment.

However one folder seemed to be “low hanging fruit” and so I whacked it out this morning.

My original collection of these particular tool files on disk was 189 MB and now it has been reduced to 80 MB.

These are the Windows “tweaking” tools that I used to modify core Windows features, settings, and appearances.

It was easy to address as I realized a while ago that I really just don’t do much post-Windows install tweaking any longer. I might modify the default shortcut icon so it is smaller, I definitely modify the Windows 7 Logon Screen background image…and on Windows 8/8.1 I will add a third-party start-menu replacement. That’s it.

So I’m posting this listing for posterity and reference.

If a tool listed below is appended with an (X) then it is one I used to use/carry but have since removed from my software “EDC”.  Doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it; just that either the features are no longer needed (say it is specifically designed for Win 2000/XP/Vista) or it may just have more features than I will ever use and want to carry.

If a tool listed below is not appended with the (X), then I still have it loaded up on my USB stick…just in case.

Almost all of these are at lease free-for-personal-use, though there may be some that have free versions with limited features that include additional options un-lockable under a $ version. Use according to license limitations.


GSD Windows Tweaking Tool List - Updated

Library of Windows 7 & Windows 8 Shortcuts


(X) Dial-a-fix

(X) EnhanceMyVista

(X) Enhanso - Tweak and Maintain Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

(X) eXtraButtons

FileMenu Tools


FixWin (Win7)

FixWin (Win8)

(X) FreshUI

(X) Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover

(X) Glary Utilities

Handy Shortcuts

Jumplist Launcher


(X) Logon Workshop

(X) MS Tweakomatic

(X) Mz Vista Force

Notifications Area Cleaner for Windows 7


(X) Pitaschio

(X) PlacesBar Editor - Melloware

(X) PlacesBar Editor - MaDdoG Software

Quick Restore Point Maker


(X) RegToy

(X) SafeXP



(X) Stardock Tweak Vista

(X) Stardock Tweak 7

(X) Startup Unblocker

Taskbar Pinner

(X) Tidy Start Menu

(X) TweakUAC

(X) Tweak 7

(X) Tweak XP

Tweaks Logon Changer

(X) UAC Trust Shortcut

(X) Ultimate Windows Customizer

(X) Ultimate Windows Tweaker

(X) Vista4Experts

(X) VistaTweaker 0.5 Beta

(X) WinBubble

Access Panel for Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista, x86 and x64

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

(X) Windows Tweaker 4.0

X-Setup Pro Portable for USB 9.2.100

XdN Tweaker

(X) xp-AntiSpy

(X) Windows XP Security Console

(X) XP-Config


Control Panel - My Computer Tweaker

Windows 7 in a Box

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks (PDF e-book)


Claus Valca