Monday, February 16, 2015

Vivaldi browser - Snapshot release

If you have been following the development of a Chromium-based browser Vivaldi you may be interested to see that a new “snapshot” release is available.

Do note; the snapshots are even “fresher” versions of Vivaldi browser releases…and not the more stable “public” Technical Preview release version (currently available on the main Vivaldi browser page.

What I really like most about Vivaldi is the promise of an integrated bookmark side-bar in a Chromium browser engine. Something I find is a must-have due to my long standing use of that feature in Mozilla Firefox.

In my various GSD Vivaldi posts, I’ve mentioned the challenges of monitoring the lookout for Vivaldi news and updates.  I prefer to monitor them in my RSS feeds but that hasn’t been easy with this particular project, requiring stops to multiple pages, forums, and blog sites to cover all the bases.

My first attempt to find a good RSS feed link was this - Featured entries page. Unfortunately it is a bit of a mess and my feed was filled with all kinds of random posts from various Vivaldi blog site bloggers. Most are in a foreign language. I don’t mind that specifically as I have more than a few native-foreign-language blog RSS feeds I follow, but I was constantly having to sort wheat-from-chaff with this RSS source.

The Vivaldi Team Blog held content on updates for the project more to my liking…but it doesn’t have an RSS feed link. Bummer.

However! I did find two key RSS feeds I could use for the material I was interested in by chasing down the category links:

  • Vivaldi updates - Snag the RSS feed this page offers specifically for Vivaldi update notices.
  • News - Snag the RSS feed this page offers for more general news postings on the Vivaldi project.

So anyway, there you go.


--Claus Valca

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