Sunday, February 08, 2015

MS Win 8.1, Win 8, and Surface Pro 3 Resources

It has been quite the week.

Long hours in the sausage factory coordinating mop-up responses to a viral outbreak that began about 3 weeks ago. Maybe more on that in a future post.

Figure in to that equation a steady-stream of side-job support to friends of the family who have dropped off a parade of PC systems at the Valca micro-ranch for cleaning and service.

Couple that with several auto-service related runs to address that Saturn ignition-switch recall, repair of both the busted Saturn front door mechanical locks—oh, and apparently my mini-spare semi-exploded in my trunk without me even being aware of it…until I found it when I had to change my flat tire. Nice.

Needless to say my fatigue level is a bit high and my patience is a bit low. So today I’m recharging the batteries with some GSD blog postings and chilling to some Americana and Roots tunes.

We are getting ready to deploy some new items into our environment; Surface Pro 3 devices running Windows 8.1.

To assist with the readiness to support the chosen customers getting this equipment, here are some sets of resources that can help with getting to know them both.  I’ve also included some additional links on Windows 8 which is just a bit different than Windows 8.1 but should still be helpful.

Windows 8.1 Guides

Windows Surface Pro 3 Guides

Windows 8 Guides


Claus Valca

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