Sunday, February 08, 2015

System Stress Testing – 2015 Edition

Was it almost 5 years ago when I last posted some system stress testing tools? Wow!

grand stream dreams: System Stress Testing Suites

Since that time I still find myself reaching for specialized tools to stress test system hardware and components when troubleshooting a system.

Being able to stress a system when you are looking for performance or stability issues is critical. Having tools that you can run while monitoring the system are super-useful to see if you can force a problem to exhibit or if you want to be certain your solution has fixed the issue.

Back in the day, I recommended Bart's Stuff Test 5 but it doesn’t say it supports “modern” Windows systems any longer.

Funnily enough, this post What is New in Windows Application Execution? from the SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Blog jogged my memory when it mentioned a new-to-me SuperFetch parsing tool.

That tool doesn’t necessarily apply here, but the developer TMurgent does provide a ton of updated free tools that fit great with performance testing and stressing Windows systems.

New and Updated (Free) Tools – Confessions of a Guru blog

Performance tools – TMurgent Technologies

Here are the other stress testing tools I keep on my USB stick

More sources where I found some of these tools listed:

In addition to these Windows platform tools, LiveCD packages are available to boot your hardware system with a Linux-based OS and run additional stress test suites.

Happy Stressing!

--Claus Valca

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