Sunday, July 27, 2008

UnderT’s Do Matter!

Ever since my parochial-school days, I’ve worn a t-shirt under my outer shirts.

In junior-high through college, it was almost always a branded t.

When I got out of college and started working, I upgraded to the traditional men’s white crew-neck t-undershirt.  I just don’t feel put-together or presentable without wearing one now.

Maybe it’s as much a psychological thing as it is a comfort and style thing….anyhow….

I’ve tried other styles and cuts but the v-necks and tanks always left me feeling like I was this guy.

So I’ve been wearing my Hanes crew-neck t’s every since.  (And Lavie and Alvis have been stealing them for night-shirts!)

Only one winter I started wearing a mock-turtleneck short-sleeve shirt under my polo’s for a bit of added warmth.  I really liked the style.  Reminded me a bit of Tiger with the higher undershirt collar.

Only during the summers and then, it is just too hot with the heavier cotton.

So my options seemed a bit limited.

I could go with a the UnderArmor line as their necks are a bit higher, but paying $20 a pop or more per "undershirt" seems a bit high, especially when I would need seven or eight of them. 

So I got searching the web for options, certainly there were a lot of baseball gear mock turtlenecks out there, but the colors and neck were still too high and pricey.

I did hit the jackpot though and found a curiously entertaining blog:

Blogger Tug goes into great detail in searching out and reviewing all things men’s undershirts!  Lots of links, in-depth reviews, good stuff.

After spending much of Saturday morning on his blog I did track down what looks to be a possible candidate for my undershirt search: The 5.11 Tactical Utili-T undershirt.

I’ve put in a back-channel email to Tug asking for any more leads before I pony up some money for a couple of packs. However, they do seem reasonably priced and as they are all-cotton, and should be cool and soft for the Houston climate.

The ones with Lycra or Spandex or other stretchy materials just feel a bit funny to me.

I’ll let you know how things turn out.


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