Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Filed: Here we Go Again

Remember this recent imbroglio?

Yep. How can the web-o-sphere forget?

Doh!  Silly me.  It's the web-o-sphere!

Symantec debuts Norton Safe Web public beta plug-in for NIS - Ars Technica

Hopefully they will avoid the mis-steps that put AVG into the ropes for a while.

It certainly appears to be a bit less intrusive while providing more information on why sites were blocked or received a warning notice.

I say, just stick with a more modern web-browser, run a HIPS type application, maybe a now-tamed anti-virus solution and ditch these "helpful" safe web searching tools for now.  See the bottom of this GSD post for more Windows configuration security links and options.

At least we also get (to Symantec's credit) another URL-Link checker to add to our list.

Norton Safe Web, from Symantec

Leave it to Symantec....



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