Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not "Cuil" just yet

This week Cuil launched with attempts at great fanfare and relevance.


Cuil is yet another search engine that attempts to unseat the Google monolith which continues to beckon and confound the apes, even as it inspires them.

Want to add it to your Firefox searchbar?  Drop in over at this Mycroft page for Cuil and load it up.  Or just visit the Cuil website and select the drop-down arrow on your search-bar icon to add it from there.

My own use of it has seen mixed results.

It certainly does provide a different "perspective" on search results, but that's not what I'm after.

I want to put in a range of search-terms and have a bazillion choices to pick from with my own custom embedded search engine results processor doing the relevancy algorithm calculations.

A search for Grand Stream Dreams on Cuil finds a number of blog pages along with some curiously cross-linked websites.  Don't even get me started on the bizarre assignment of images to the posts (they have nothing to do with each other in many cases).

Oh, and try entering any search using more than a few words and you get nothing.

A search on Cuil for 100% CPU Throttling on Windows results in no matches. Not helpful.

The same thing on Google results in 90,300 matches.  Very helpful.

Nice try guys; Cuil could really be something chill, alas for for now it's not quite.

Better get back to that optimization and relevancy work....

And ditch the silly non-associated images while you are at it..mkay?


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