Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We don’t like Ike!


All eyes on the Gulf.

Work is crazy-busy making IT prep decision, staging, and staff preparations.

Lots of citizens in our area will be counting on us to make correct decisions, and be ready for any aftermath  We have a committed team and we will do our utmost to respond.

Personally, Lavie and I have our game-plan mostly together.  Unfortunately lots will depend on storm-track over the next day.

It’s been a wild week and then some on many levels…some challenging, some frightening, some wonderful.  Our hope and cheer is intact and though our minds and bodies are exhausted, our hearts and spirits are still strong.

We should be fine.

If all goes well then electricity (and broadband) will stay up. We will have strong winds and rains and spend a few days reading good stories out loud as a family, getting some awesome blog-posts up, and maybe get some DVD’s devoured as well for good measure.

If not, then we might be down for a few days (or longer) so bear with us.

It’s all good.


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