Monday, September 01, 2008

Ummm….Windows Live Writer Update Team?

I fired up my Windows Live Writer today to get some blogging backlog knocked out and was greeted with the following:


Hmmm.  That was unexpected.

To the best of my knowledge, WLW hasn’t released any new versions, but maybe there was a stealth update sitting out there…so I punched the “Download Now” button.



I’m actually running the latest “Technical Preview” version (Build 14.0.3913.522 – Configuration Version 14.0.3920.528).

I checked the Writer Zone blog as well as the Writer Zone: Releases page and so far no new news or posts.

I’m not sure if the regular Windows Live Writer releases are “timebombed” but this was a bit of a surprise.

We still have a month to go before this one goes off, but in the absence of news from the WLW team, lets hope a new release is in the launcher soon.


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