Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Software Stuff this Week….

Here are a few links to new or updated applications I have discovered this week.  Most of them are long-time Valca favorites.

Note:  Chrome not listed as I have another post coving on that one. (Doh, I did it anyway!)

Sun xVM VirtualBox(freeware) – New version kinda has the same GUI look as before (how come they can’t polish it just a touch more? I suspect it is a cross-platform development thing). Changelog points to numerous under-the-hood things such as 64-bit guest support (for 64-bit hosts), Mac OS X improvements, metrics (oooohh!), SATA tweaks, GUI tweaks, network tweaks, and (to me) the biggie, Support for VHD (VirtualPC) disk images.

Wireshark: Wireshark 1.0.3 Released - (freeware) – Misc security bug-fixes, WPA Group Key decryption now supported, and a experimental Mac OS X Intel 10.5 package.  Nice stuff.

ClamAV 0.94 increases detection capabilities - News - heise Security UK - (news) - ClamAV 0.94 has now be tweaked with a new detection engine for virus scanning. Able to use logic operators now to refine more complex signature matching algorithms.  Also adds in a “Data Loss Prevention” module which can scan inbound/outbound data for signs of personal identity related information packets like social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Go take a look.

PingInfoView - (freeware) – Nirsoft app to ping multiple hosts and watch results in a single session view. Supports multiple ping events.  Latest update now adds in feature to ping a range of IP addresses (reminds me of war-dialing), support for IP-Host descriptions, and a minor bug.

Autoruns v9.34 - (freeware) – Sysinternals tool to check auto-start items on Windows systems received a minor bug-fix release this week. Sysinternals Site Discussion

Opera 9.60 beta 1 RC - (freeware) - Opera Desktop Team gives notices that all this Chrome stuff isn’t slowing them down at all. This release-candidate version brings a real smorgasbord of bug fixes, tweaks, enhancements, and compatibility updates what very well may be the second-best browser out there today, and certainly one that hasn’t gotten it’s fair due of consideration lately.


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