Saturday, April 21, 2007

Japanese Bath Design

Our bathrooms are a pretty standard American design; cabinet based sinks, toilet in an enclosed side area, standard tub with a shower head.

Plain stuff.

If I could design our own home one day, I would like to have (for the master suite at least) a more Japanese style bathroom design. Though any of these non-traditional Japanese style designs would find me in hog-heaven!

And this coming from a 5-minute daily shower guy.

I'm pondering the Japanese bath due to a post from Danny Choo: Unit Bathroom.

While the design of the 3-square bathroom scares me horribly, he off-links to a nicer design.

Lavie loves them.

Especially when she learned they have heated floors.

Nice Baths!

First we have the SuiteRoom from INAX. These appear to be quite similar to a more custom American bathroom design.

Next we see this more traditional "modern" Japanese design by INAX's Precio line. This looks nicely masculine.

Lavie seems to be voting for this J-Bath style bathroom design. The deep blues are very pretty and it presents a nicely calming feeling.


More nice info and hardware at The Japanese Bath Company (Australia).

And the "toilet?" No it's not missing...I think in these designs they are housed in another area, not in the family bathing area...makes good sense to me!

Rinse - Soak - Wash

I don't know how daily bathing routines go in Japan, but as I understand, a traditional bath in Japan usually consists of filling a small bucket and rinsing oneself outside the tub. Then one climbs into the tub for a relaxing soak. Then another good scrub/shampoo/rinse on the way out.

This way all the family members get to reuse the same (clean) tub water for their soaks. It seems more eco-friendly.

Not any of that Western tub soak and scrub business.

It does seem more relaxing and deliberate.


I think I am going to take a bath now....where's my bucket?


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