Sunday, April 29, 2007

E7: What was that?

So tonight Adult Swim ended its run of Eureka Seven.

The series is over.

For most fans who haven't seen the Japanese run yet, it ended on an exciting and hopeful note. A slam of action and a breeze of romance.


Except, unless I just totally fell asleep, it seems to me that they did some HEAVY editing at the end. Like left the whole last scene out.

At the end...right before the credits ran...there is the number 1 and some Japanese characters. Then the credits roll.

What I think that said was "1 year later."

From there a very important closing series of scenes and conversations continued to wrap the series up as a year has passed since Eureka and Renton returned to Earth.

If you did see the final episode in Japanese you know exactly what I am talking about.

If not, well...too bad. Apparently, Adult Swim felt they could muck around with as April's Fool joke and shift an E7 episode around but couldn't spring for the extra 5 or so minutes of air-time to show this last tender finale. (Or maybe it was a licensing issue...who knows...)

Too bad. I'm disappointed for you guys and gals. I saw the "real" ending and feel a bit ripped off now by Adult Swim...even if I don't really know if I can hold them to blame.

You will probably have to wait for the final DVD episode releases to see what you missed.

It would have been a sweet and perfect cap to the series for everyone.

Fortunately, we caught it on YouTube (before it was removed as banned content).

Renton's grandfather has the kids and they are eating together in a cafe. I believe he has adopted them. Dusk is descending and they rush out to someplace special. Over the cliffs they use some telescopes to look up at the moon that has been etched (by the light beam surrounded by hearts seen in the final episode) with Eureka and Renton's names in a big heart (like lovers would do in a tree) for all the world below to see. As the camera angle pans, you catch a distant motorbike and sidecar with Dominic and Anemone looking upward as well. And as the scene changes you catch two blinking and blue and as we zoom down towards the lights they are in a forest, and just before the final end, we come close enough to see that the lights are Renton and Eureka in silhouette facing each other holding hands.

At least that's how I remember it ending. Wikepedia has it as well.

Yeah, after all that action and destruction, it ends on a romantically sappy note.

We like it that way.

--Oh well, wait for the DVD's....

Eureka of the best anime series in a long time.

Even if it had mecha in it.


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