Tuesday, April 24, 2007

C-64 Madness

My home computing days began with a Commodore VIC-20. We upgraded to a C-64 a few years later.

I remember getting buying the coding magazines off the store racks, racing home and typing in reams of code to try to get a game to run.

If I did everything perfectly and no debugging was needed, it might just work. More often than not I would have to wait for next month's issue to see where they made a printing error to get it to work once and for all.

My dad and brother build a voice synthesizer from plans and parts from Radio Shack. That was pretty cool.

I even remember shopping at our local K-Mart (back when they had a lunch counter in there that we could get hot-dogs, grilled cheeses, drinks, etc.) one day and having just enough summer chore money to get a tape cassette program of the game Super Zaxxon. Man that was fun. Never beat the game but nothing was more thrilling than popping in the cassette tape, loading the game to the C-64 memory, and blasting away.

Ahh the good ole times.

So today I found the site c64s.com.

It contains a bazillion retro C-64 games, all served up in Java for entertainment all over again on your modern computer system.

Games that I used to play, and now I can let kick my butt all over again!

Super Zaxxon

Blue Max


They have categories for action, adventure, arcade, flight, platform, puzzle, racing, shootem ups, sports, strategy, and many, many betas.

Some are funky, some are weird, some are just plain scarry! All are chock full of retro goodness

What an amazing website.


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