Saturday, December 20, 2014

SSD Care - Quickpost

I really am loving life with my Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250 GB SSD drive.

Boot times are rocket-fast and the laptop seems to run much cooler. I still have a 2nd mechanical 500 GB hard-drive in the laptop’s second drive bay but having the system on the SSD makes performance so much more exciting.

So now that I am the owner of a SSD, I’ve been paying closer attention to news and posts regarding SSD care; feeding and watering.

That last link is to the only SSD utility software (Samsung Magician Software) I am using for tweaking and control of the SSD drive.  All other maintenance functions are being left to the Windows OS software. While I don’t doubt that -- like CPU overclocking -- additional SSD tweaking “might” eke out some additional service-life and performance gains, I think it would be negligible. So I’m going for stability and OEM performance adjustment over data-hot-rodding.

Thoughts and recommendations?


Claus Valca

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