Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lego MiniFig Extravaganza


picture clipped from Wired’s clip from Gizmodo clip…

Thanks in no small part to the Windows 7 RC release, XPM mode research, and a big “little” tip a few weeks ago from the TinyApps.Org Blog, my personal blogging workload has increased magnificently.

In trying to get all that material organized and understood, my brain-cells have melted a bit.

So I am posting this fun diversionary material.

Confession time:

Growing up I enjoyed playing with two things more than most anything else: Lego building blocks and dolls Star Wars action figures.

Our family (Mom, bro, Alvis, sometimes Dad) continues to enjoy them as they frequent our birthday parties as gifts.

They have become much more sophisticated than those I had growing up.  I remember when getting the new triangle shapes, clear wind-screens, or the tiny wheels was awesome.  We even had a small “boat” with hull pieces and a big sailboat-like ballast-weight.  That was neat.

So when the first Lego mini-figs came out that was even more cool.  We had the early ones and though we have a number of specialized modern ones (Star Wars) it wasn’t until I found the following posts on the web recently that I realized just how important these pieces are to the Lego universe.

Every Star Wars Lego Minifig Ever! – Wired Blog

Gizmodo - Exclusive: The Lego Minifig Timeline – LEGO – Gizmodo

Both links have awesome visual coverage about the Lego Mini-figs.  I spotted more than a few from my childhood.

Gizmodo also has this really great article about some of the lesser known facts on Lego:

Gizmodo - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lego

Want more?

Sites where you can (while supplies last) pick up custom gear for your Lego mini-figs. : Share your LEGO creations – is a website where some nice build work is on display.

However check out The Brothers Brick for real Lego custom awesomeness.

It has a wealth of fun and original content.

Then if you really want to blow out the afternoon, check their side-bar that has a host of wonderful links to Lego official sites, the very best Lego blogs, Lego community sites (such as Brickshelf), and Lego “web-comics”.

I’ve still got two Lego Star Wars vehicle sets still in the boxes I haven’t torn into yet.  I’m saving them for a rainy day when the Internet is knocked out of service.  Lavie and Alvis love to help sort out parts for builds and Alvis particularly enjoys trying to beat me in “build-off” contests.  (She’s got ton’s of Harry Potter Lego sets.)


--Claus V.

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