Saturday, February 21, 2009

GSD guest post at TUG blog

I was asked to do a guest-review post for The Undershirt Guy Blog.

I had picked up some Jockey Mock Neck (Hi-neck) T Shirts after a long search for just such a product.  Head over there if you are interested in reading a long and detailed review of them.

Very short review:

  • love ‘em
  • long tails
  • tag-less (except for the tiny hamster-tail tab at the back bottom tail)
  • minimal horizontal shrinkage
  • acceptable vertical shrinkage due to starting length.
  • 100% cotton (black or white colors available) with nice weight.
  • Nice high-neck collar…may be prone to light piling due to short beards.

They provide a crisp, professional look under uniforms and polo shirts, and will probably reduce “ring-around-the-collar” stains for button-downs.

TUG’s blog is a great source of all kinds of men’s undershirt reviews and linkage.  So if you are a bit OCD regarding the fit, style, and performance of your undershirts, you might want to stop in and have a look around.


Claus V.

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