Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few Fix-It notes

Not really fitting in a particular category, these might be of use to folks looking for tips, or software.

See Ya!

--Claus V.


Anonymous said...

The Computer Repair Utility Kit has been pulled from the Technibble site. They say that some of the utility authors did not want their programs re-distributed by Technibble in the manner of an all-in-one tool. Understandable but disappointing. I was hoping to test it out.

Claus said...

@ Anonymous - You are correct. I need to update that link tonight if time allows.

I was afraid they would run into this issue. However, PStart is a very simple (and free) tool that can be used to create your own with a bit of work.

The real trick would be tracking down the list of apps that were included.

With a little detective work that might be possible. I did download the app and might be able to extract the app list this weekend (again, if time allows).

Then determined folks could build their own. As long as it was the direct end-user doing the download and building, the various authors might not have as much of an issue.


Claus said...

@ Anonymous - The list of all the apps that were in the package (except the custom scripts) can be found here:

A Computer Repair Utility Kit You Can Run From a Thumb Drive - ReadWriteWeb.

There are hyperlinks to all of them direct to the developers' sites.

What you could do is to download Pegtop PStart and get it unpacked. Take a minute to read the Help file to learn how to configure it. It is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

Then go to the RWW website and download/unpack the tools into subfolders under the PStart folder using the categories listed on that website as your guide.

Note some are "setup" files you don't want to necessarily unpack.

When you are done, launch PStart and start building the folders/categories then add in the links to the appropriate app in the subfolders. (Use the image capture on this TechBlog post as a guide: Be prepared! 57 great Windows repair tools all in one place )

When you are all done, just copy the PStart folder to your USB stick.

You've basically done all the work they did!


-Claus V.