Saturday, December 06, 2008

Software Goodies

Been quite a while since I have posted a roundup of new/improved software finds.

Here you go from the previous weeks’ culling.

  • CompuSec - (freeware) – German proprietary whole disk encryption solution I just discovered this week.  The free version has no limitations and is open to both professional (business/commercial) as well as personal users.  On-line support is available and supports all Windows versions as well as Linux.  Lots of handbooks available and is provided in both German and English flavors. Discussed and reviewed in depth by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson in a CRC Security Now! podcast session. 

  • TrueCrypt - (freeware) - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux.  Simply the best (IMHO) solution for home users and consumers looking for a fast, efficient, and rock-solid solution to encrypting their laptop/desktop system’s hard-drives to prevent unauthorized data-loss in event of theft of general maliciousness.  Now at version 6.1a.  Anyone who doesn’t use some form of whole-disk encryption with a laptop is probably just asking for eventual trouble, especially if used in a business/enterprise setting.  Desktops are just as vulnerable so don’t forget them as well.

  • PGP Corporation - ($-$$$) Enterprise grade whole-disk encryption software.  Not the only vendor of such out there but one of the leaders in the market.

  • Foxit Reader 3.0 - (freeware) – This major version update brings a larger file size to the previously light alternative PDF reader.  While still “small” in comparison to Adobe Reader, it has gotten a bit more chunky than previous upgrades. It’s still one of the best Free PDF Readers (and then some) in an otherwise large crowd.   I don’t feel like repeating a big list of What's New in 3.0 so hop that link, then grab the updated version.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  • CurrPorts - (freeware) – Nirsoft app for viewing/monitoring open TCP/IP ports and connections on Windows now provides information on the total number of remote connections in the program’s status bar as well as port information in the tray-icon tooltip.

  • ShellExView - (freeware) – Nirsoft app for working with shell extensions for Windows now gets a critical feature; support for use with external drives via a command-line option.

  • NK2View - (freeware) – Nirsoft app for working with Outlook’s NK2 file got an update to delete selected items and add items from address bar to the menu system as well as more “accelerator” keys.  Definitely a must have for any sysadmin who supports Outlook users.

  • LSASecretsView- (freeware) – Nirsoft app for viewing LSA (local security authority service) secrets stored on your computer. This version now supports pulling LSA data from a off-line version of Windows 2000/XP/2003. Related: Nir’s LSASecretsDump utility.

  • Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 1.0 – Now out and polished up.  Previously reviewed RC1 version was great and highly recommended by me. Secunia Personal Software Inspector RC-1: Wowzers!  This new “final” build has experienced some major tweaks and got  some important changes since I last wrote about it in the RC-march up to the final version. 

    • Fix for Windows Vista UAC bug - The Secunia PSI will now start up correctly after a system reboot in Windows Vista
    • Added green icon download icon - The green download icon will indicate that a patch link has been clicked, making it obvious which patches have been requested when applying multiple patches at a time
    • New user interface concept - The user interface has been split into two, a "Simple" and an "Advanced" mode
    • Improved Easy-to-Patch functionality - The Easy-to-Patch has been improved significantly
    • Criticality indication for all programs - The Secunia Advisory criticality rating is now listed for each insecure program found
    • Generally more focus on the security threats each program expose your PC to Secunia Profile recovery - It is possible to recover your Secunia Profile and register the same Secunia Profile on multiple PCs

  • Zoundry Raven for Windows - (freeware) – Looks like this eager bird is about ready to take to wing.  All the standard items and platform support with a nice interface.  Worth checking out.  Also nice is the Portable Application install option. Reviewed by Paul Thurrott in Potential Windows Live Writer competitor at his SuperSite Blog as well as at CyberNet News

  • JavaFX 1.0 Released – As if we didn’t have enough “rich content” applications between Java, Flash, Shockwave, AIR, Silverlight, etc., etc. etc.  Now we are getting JavaFX.  Follow the links to be dully amazed/bored/disinterested depending on your take.

  • PCLinuxOS 2009 is coming soon for release.  I really love this particular Distro and while 2007 has been strong, 2009 should be even more refined.  Hop over to the site to get all the news.

  • KLS Mail Backup - (freeware) – Provides simple backups of Windows mail, Outlook Express, Windows Live applications, Address book,  IE favorites and accounts, as well as various Mozilla programs including Thunderbird and Firefox. Spotted in a KLS Mail Backup makes email, browser backups a snap - Download Squad post.

There you go.

--Claus V.

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Nathaniel said...

I tried out TrueCrypt a while back. It seems pretty good, but I'm sticking with Cryptainer LE for now... it has what I need.

Foxit: I downloaded 3 not too long ago in search of something a little more snappy than Adobe to view some Google Books PDF's. I did use it before, but I've taken a spell with Adobe Reader 8. It's okay, definitely better than previous versions, but it's still Adobbe Reader.

Zoundry Raven: sounds interesting. I plan to try it out. WLW is a good tool, but fairly clunky on my XP system.