Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mid-December Linkfest: Snowflake version

This past Wednesday night we Texas Gulf-Coast residents were treated with a very rare sight:


It started coming down while we were at our church-house and on the drive back it was full flurries.  Visibility driving was something else.  Alvis had been soaked by antics while I was wrapping up some training (for me) on the software used to build and project displays during the Sunday services.

It was late when I got out and it was cold and I wanted to get home and cook dinner for the girls.  So instead of playing for a moment, we jumped in and got home quick.

The next morning (Thursday) most of the East-side Houston freeways and overpasses were shut down due to ice.  Our cars were covered with at least 4 inches of powder-grade snow as were all horizontal and some vertical surfaces.

I made a really horrible mistake that I have been chastising myself for the rest of the week.

See I should have paused being a responsible adult and taken  the moment (or hour) to have a snowball fight and do other stupid things with Alvis and Lavie.

Instead I diligently worked to scrape down the cars so they would be safe to drive, pre-warm them by running the engines, and fuss at Alvis to stay back because of the mud, water, and the rush to get her off to school.


Once all was contained and all were in their designated places of action, reality hit me Dad-style for missing a rare opportunity to play in thick and deep snow with the girls.

I mean how many chances do we have to do that?  Apparently only after a major hurricane hits us.  That seems to be the pattern at least (Rita-snow/Ike-snow).

Lesson learned and not to be forgotten.

Take a moment to play in the snow…then move on with life.

It will still be there waiting.


Here are some miscellaneous links for you to play in today.  No mess no fuss.

--Claus V.

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