Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tomorrow's Links Today

Here are six quick links I picked up today,

15 Must-read Blogs for Blog Writers - Follow the best bloggers to be one of the best.

U.S. Navy to Create Manga to Explain Itself to Japan - I'm sure that will help clear things up...

Mozilla Gets Places Back in Firefox 3, Prepares for Tagging - Not fully implemented, kinda like a pre-Places preview. But it's the first start. Looks like tagging will be supported.

GMail Attachments Double to 20MB - Great! But who else but other GMail users can handle them?

Microsoft Office Security Tool Could Prevent Hacker Attacks - With a snappy acronym like "MOICE" who can't not be excited? Actually could be pretty cool in Enterprise environments.

Blackberry Wallpaper Generator - Now that I've finally figured out the proper way to holster my Blackberry (duh) this is a great way to add nice custom wallpapers! Just got to keep them "work appropriate."


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