Tuesday, May 15, 2007



When I was a kid, one (swimming) pool-game that almost always was bound to come up was Marco, Polo.

Someone is "it" and promises to somehow keep their eyes closed as everyone is in the pool together, usually bearing the brunt of taunting water splashes in their self-imposed blinded state.

He/she calls out "Marco" and everyone responds "Polo!"

Then like a Mark Spitz trained homing torpedo the "Marco" kid paddles off to hunt down someone and try to tag them.

Only two times could one get away with not giving away their location with a "Polo" response; one, if they were under water, and two, if they were cheating.

Both were quite common, but easily made up by "peeping" of the "Marco" in the name of wiping water out of one's closed eyes.

Of course, we never did that.

Then there were the really sneaky kids who would go off into long and glorious careers with the Navy SEALs. (God protect them.)

They would loudly holler "Polo" as you got closer and closer to them, almost ready to tag them.

Then they would suddenly fall silent right as you went in for the kill.

Next thing you knew you could hear their voice responding "Polo!" but from the other side of the pool.

While possible these pre-SEAL kiddos were swimming under the water remarkably fast and never coming up for air, the poor "Marco" kids with the really sharp ears that could pick out the faintest noises (and would likely go into into another special ops service) could hear and form the mental picture of a kid almost silently hauling himself out of water dashing down the side of the pool and silent inserting again into the waters on the other side.

That or maybe "Marco" would peep and seem 'em doing it.

This posed a ethical quandary for these poor "Marco" kids. If they called the kid out for cheating, that would force them to admit they were "peeping" and then would likely be shunned by all the other kids next time a Marco/Polo game came up again. So one would just have to start over again..."Marco!"


Not sure why I remember this. Just wanted to remind myself (and my visitors) that I am still here.

Work duties are piled up higher than chest-waders and it's pouring into them. Have a bad cold. The Ion needed a visit to the car-doctor. I'm not even sure I remember much of the weekend. A bit of a blur. I'm trying to wind down and lean more on Lavie for support instead of hammering away at the keyboard and blog for relaxation. (Dearest Lavie thinks that is definately a Good Thing™ and I have to agree.)

I watching "The Transporter" on cable tonight for R&R. It's one of a few movies I will drop anything to watch..commercials and all. Action and great high-performance car chase scenes. "Ronin" is another movie like it that I stop and watch like one of Pavlov's dogs in the same category of action and great car-chases. That and a kind-hearted good-guy who saves the day in the end.

I like that theme.

And for mental focus and relaxation I am re-reading two books this week:

The West Point Way of Leadership and Zen Poems.

Yeah, I know, what can I say? I'm funny that way.

See you in the skies.


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David said...

When I was a kid we used to play Marco Polo, but we had another rule called "Fish-out-of-water". (It is on the wiki page). It is good for small pools as it allows you to get out of the pool and go around the side. Good times! haha