Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dealing with the Dell--Update

According to my Google Analytics account, the most popular blog post I have composed is "Dealing with the Dell." I have found a large number of links to this post across the net and they seem to be positive in spirit and continue to funnel new visitors to this blog. It amazes me that it still continues to get the most page hits on a weekly basis.

In the post I mention:

"I wish Dell would include a batch file to auto-delete all that 3rd party stuff--kinda like a red-self destruct button on the starcruiser's bridge in the sci-fi movies--but only it's an icon. One punch and it's all gone--but I know that most consumers (nor Dell's software providers) wouldn't want that."

Apparently, many consumers do wish for such a button. And one actually went and did something about it.

While surfing around the other day, I stumbled upon "The Dell De-Crapifier." Maintained by Jason York, it is a really fancy batch-file that when run, executes a series of commands that takes a lot of the stuff of your Dell pc. The current version is 1.3 and was updated as recently as 05/06/2006.

Automating many of the uninstall steps as well as removing some registry keys might just be what the doctor ordered for many of those frustrated consumers who don't want to take the more intensive "hands-on" approach I did.

I haven't got a chance to use it, but if I ever find myself needing to rebuild the in-law's system after a restore, I plan to give it a go.


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Jim Thompson said...

My most popular post, on the other hand, is a photo of slugs. (It's also the top Google image search for slugs. Go figure.)