Monday, May 30, 2016

Suface Pro SysAdmin Linkage

This is one of the piles of collected linkage that I have been working hard to get to and post.

Supporting Surface Pro devices is a never-ending challenge. They operate differently than our other laptop/desktop platforms and require a different set of tools and utilities for troubleshooting core device issues.

So here are some critical tips and resoure links.

Surface Pro Device Firmware and Drivers

Surface Pro power cord issues

Surface Pro Diagnostic Toolkit

Note the Toolkit files that stand out to me are:

  • Surface_Data_Eraser_Installer_v3.1.9.msi
  • Surface_Dock_Updater_v1.0.8.0.msi

Surface Pro Tips and Tricks

Surface Pro Data Eraser Utility

This is important as the Surface uses a SSD drive and “normal” secure wiping techniques may not be effective. Using the Microsoft Surface Data Eraser tool should ensure a secure wipe occurs before the device is repurposed or returned to Microsoft for service.

Surface Recover Image


Claus Valca

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