Monday, May 25, 2015

Windows 10 Link Dump


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Like an albatross around a sailor’s neck, this collection of Windows 10 links has been a bookmark favorites mark of shame. Time to shed it. I’ve dumped lots of hoarded links trying to pare it down to the bare minimum. It’s purpose is for reference as I continue to wrap my head around what Windows 10 means for the Microsoft eco system and the path to follow when it comes out.

Microsoft Edge Browser

TL:DR - First the new Microsoft web browser was “Spartan” then it became “Edge”. And there are two different Microsoft Windows 10 browsers; the traditional “desktop” browser IE 11 and the Windows App browser “Edge”.

Windows 10 Upgrade

TL:DR - Non-enterprise/volume Windows licensees will be allowed (for a limited time period) to upgrade their Genuine Windows 7 and up OS versions to Windows 10 at no cost. Non-enterprise/volume Windows licensees running non-genuine Windows versions will also be allowed to upgrade to Windows 10 for free--but will be watermarked and still retain their non-genuine Windows status. I wish Windows Vista users could also get grandfathered in, however there is a good possibility they (Dad) are running Vista on hardware that might not support Windows 10.

Windows 10 Updating

The Build Ladder

I had planned on providing lots of URLs expanding the review of each of the major Windows 10 build preview. But then there have been lots of build releases, and it got a bit repetitive. I’m only putting in the best-of-the-best I saved. Each time a new build came out I got all excited and stuff but then the next one was released and I looked back to the previous one and said “Meh.”

How to do “Stuff” with Windows 10

Of course learning a new Windows GUI configuration can be fun but frustrating. So here are some useful references for doing stuff under Windows 10.

Thinkers Thinking on Windows 10

Windows 10 ADK/MDK/Server 2012 Previews

Windows 10 for Makers

--Claus Valca

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