Monday, September 01, 2014

Network News Nuggets

Yes. I’m in the process of emptying out my “to blog” hopper.

Bear with me. The next several posts will be positively boring as I get them up for future reference.

NetworkMiner 1.6 Released - NETRESEC Blog; drag and drop support, improved email extraction handling, DNS analysis, live sniffing performance improvements, PCAP-over-IP remote sniffing added to the free version.

PCAP or it didn't happen - NETRESEC Blog

Wireshark 1.12 Officially Released! - Sniff free or die. Wireshark download

Wireshark 2 Preview (by Tony Fortunato) - LoveMyTool blog

Wireshark: A Guide to Color My Packets - PDF whitepaper at SANS Institute Infosec Reading Room

The trouble with multiple capture interfaces - Packet Foo

Security Analytics: having fun with Splunk and a packet capture file (pcap) - PDF whitepaper at SANS Institute Infosec Reading Room

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest 2014 Walkthrough - Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

Data vs. Metadata - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab

The Routing Wall of Shame - IEEE Spectrum

Small devices needs a large Firewall - PDF whitepaper at SANS Institute Infosec Reading Room

Snort on home routers - what a great idea -ZDNet

ntop - It has been a while since I worked with took, but as of August 13th, version 1.2 was released. Worth checking into.

Top 5 Network Monitoring Tools for Windows 8 / 7 - The Windows Club - Nice and simple list of some networking monitoring tools you may already be familiar with, or not.


--Claus V.

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