Saturday, April 26, 2014

Get the latest Chromium Releases - Easy Peasy!

I’ve done more than a few posts on Chrome/Chromium.

I like using Chromium though it isn’t quite yet going to replace Firefox on my system for regular usage.

In the past I was able to monitor new version releases reported on both the Chromium Blog and Chrome Releases sites.

Then I could pop-over to a ftp location and pull the newest version down. Only that FTP site/method seemed to disappear some time ago as the developers changed things around a bit.

I had to do it this way as I use the DEV version of the PortableApps package for Chromium - Google Chrome Portable. That’s all well and good but it doesn’t support internal updating of the version, and sometimes the updated release versions are slow in coming from the site.

Fortunately I found a super-awesome website for us crazy hard-core off-the-map Chromium users who dare to use some of the most current release versions.

Yes, yes…getting your files from a location other than the source is risky…I know. YMMV and all that.

However after reading the site and checking the links provided for the sources (Google repository) I’m confident in using them.

So now, here is what I do to more frequently update my PortableApps Chromium package:

  1. Hop over to this page and Download latest Chromium release without bug (64-bit and 32-bit).  I use the x32 version.
  2. Download the “Chromium 32-bit (.exe) file; it is named mini_installer.exe.
  3. Unpack the exe file with a compression program like 7-Zip.
  4. Unpack the chrome.7z package step 3 results in with 7-Zip.
  5. Go over to my “<drive-letter>:\subfolder-name\GoogleChromePortableDev\App\Chrome-bin” folder
  6. …in that folder delete out the following:
    1. Delete the xx.x.xxxx.x folder containing the Chromium application files where the x’s will be the version number “installed”
    2. Delete the chrome.exe file
    3. Delete the wow_helper.exe file
  7. Now copy the folder/files created in step 4 from the “Chrome-bin” subfolder over to my own “Chrome-bin” subfolder.
  8. Done!

Again, to be clear, the ONLY reason I’m doing this extra work is because,

  • I want to run Chromium in a “portable” mode, and
  • Sometimes I don’t want to wait for PortableApps to release a new version so I can update my portable version “the easy way”.


Claus Valca

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