Saturday, March 01, 2008

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About two months ago, the ever graceful and cultured Auberginefleur tagged me in a post comment to provide eight random things about me.

(I haven't forgotten, Auberginefleur! And I didn't mind, just been very busy and wanted the time to be thoughtful!  Thanks for thinking of me!)

Since it has been almost a year since my last tag, seems about right to add in some more.

Eight More "Random" Things 'bout Claus

  1. I have a penchant for keeping the pickle-jars around after the pickles have been eaten.  See, I like drinking shots of pickle-juice.  Kalamata olive brine is pretty satisfying as well.  Guess that is my German genes.  Yummmy!

  2. I hate to dust the house.  I'll do household chores all day long, but when it comes to dusting, I would rather let it go for over a month than take on the dusting.

  3. Hobbies as a kid included model building (WWII fighters and bombers), reading science fiction paperbacks, building Lego cars designed to survive drops from our second-floor balcony, and climbing around on our steeply pitched two-story roof a lot also...not sure what that was about in hindsight.....

  4. I took two years of Spanish in high-school, then another one and one-half years in college.  I'm not fluent by a long-shot, but don't feel lost ordering dinner or speaking with native speakers.

  5. Samurai Champloo is my favorite "historically-set" Japanese anime series.  Set in the Edo period, it mixes period style, hip-hop riffs and smugness and attitude.  Sure to be a classic.

  6. I graduated amidst the top-ten students of my high-school class.  And (honestly) didn't even try.  I thought I was in trouble when I was called to the office that day when I found out.

  7. I used Apple pc's long before I even knew what DOS and Microsoft were.  Then I got a "real" job and was tainted by Microsoft ever since.

  8. I've only gotten one ticket in my entire life as a driver...and it was when I totaled my car. Bummer.

Passing the Torch

So here's passing on this "Eight Random Things" meme like a good sport to seven more folks I respect and whose viewpoints I find fascinating and rewarding to follow.

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Kent Newsome - Photos, songs, perspectives, wisdom.  A true Machiavellian man.

Alvis - a.k.a. my dearest daughter...who want's nothing more than a little bit of attention on her new blog from her daddy.

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Thanks Auberginefluer!



TxGoodie said...

I've only received two citations in my life. One was for running a stop sign on Old Katy at Brittmore (I honestly didn't see the small one because I was looking at the large one just across the street!) and one in Jerky Village for having an expired inspection sticker. It was my husband's truck too. The bad part about the JV thing was that my youngest daughter was with me and she kept saying "Mom's BUSTED" until I just wanted to smack her! Both time, naturally, I cried AFTER the officer was long gone....not that it makes that much difference...or so my cop buds tell me. I got pulled over once because I was lead-footin' it, but he only gave me a warning. Phew.

Auberginefleur said...

Thank you for responding. I thought it might be an imposition, but it was a good excuse to list some of my favorite blogs.

Anonymous said...

hey i drink more pickle juice than u daddy! im the one who got the idea to put some in a medicine thing and freeze it to make a pickle juice Popsicle! :D i love u

just makin that clear


although ill admit i do that more with green bean juice just dont freeze it

Aubergine Fleur said...

How are you doing all this time later? Are the kids still into things Japanese?


Claus said...

@ Aubergine Fleur - It's wonderful to hear from you again! Your blog is still being enjoyed here. We watched with great sadness the tragedy and courageous spirit of the Japanese people after the tsunami disaster. I still see frequent news stories of personal debris items being found over here on the west coast of the States.

Lavie still loves her Japanese anime and iconic design and garden elements. We still enjoy the (real) green tea from Truth be told, due to a small, obscure movie series that involves a certain sparkly vampire with a British accent, she has lately become quite the anglophile. All the drama with a recent royal wedding, the Olympics, jubilee, etc. has helped distract her a bit!

Alvis is continuing in her education with a solid art-focus and I see many of the Japanese influences in her personal artwork. Bold lines and colors like some of the famous wood-block prints.

I'm afraid work interests have caused this humble blog to take more of a "technical" feel for quite some time, but be sure our hearts still are tied to the way of Japan.


Claus V.