Sunday, August 05, 2007

RE: Vista (GUI Mods)

I was planning on doing a Linkfest for the next series of posts, but almost each one turned out to be worthy of it's own post.

So here you go starting with the first one:

RE: Vista (GUI Mods)

The ITsVISTA Web Links for August 4th, 2007 contained two interesting items:

The first link allows scaling of the Vista taskbar in Original, Medium, or Small sizes.  No word if "Extra Crispy" will be following.

The second link is for you Windows 2000 die-hards who just can't leave the "Classic" style of Windows behind.  The neat thing of this one is that it does preserve Vista Aero's Transparency, Flip3D, and Live thumbnails.

Definitely not for everyone, and you will have to load some "helper" files as well to make the thins work.

Anytime I got an XP system, I would convert it over to the "Classic" style until I found the Zune XP theme.  I actually like the Vista themes and while I don't use Vista every day, it is a pleasing interface to work in.


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