Tuesday, March 13, 2007

iPod Shuffle Woes....

I recently posted about our two new family members...

Happily, Alvis's hamster is adjusting quite well to her new home. We are working on voice recognition. However, little Polka-Dot seems to respond much faster to the sound of seed-mix food dropping into her food dish, rather than our voices...so we are doing a Pavlov's dog type training gently and clearly speaking her name as we get her attention with food.

Time will tell.

Unfortunately, life is not the same with my iPod Shuffle.

We have two first generation iPod Shuffles in our home already. Both have been well used and continue to function without a hitch. Alvis can play hers for over a week between charges. And not once has either Girl or girl asked me for help.

However, three times now I have hauled my 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle off to work, only to find it quite unresponsive when I get to my desk.

I've let it fully charge until the green light came on.

I've confirmed it worked by playing a few songs.

I've shut it off for the night.

Then it was dead at work.

I know it works as I can listen to it fine right after charging. And each charge seems like it is doing a full re-charge. I'm not sure what I'm doing to discharge the battery. I have it off and can't imagine that wrapping the headphone cord around it off would somehow cause it to turn on and discharge. I'm stumped.

So tonight I did a full reset/restore..reloaded the latest software on it, reduced the number of songs so it wasn't quite maxed out...and am charging it again.

I don't know if the battery just isn't holding a full charge overnight...or maybe I'm doing some stupid noobie thing with it. Like I said...I've never had any issues with the two 1st Gen Shuffles we've had.

I've read the little help card several times to get down the lights. They seem to work fine after charging.

I've also read the little spread-out handout it comes with...mostly pictures...not too deep.

I've also read Apple's iPod shuffle troubleshooting and service FAQ.

I'm going to give it a bit more effort troubleshooting before I try to take it back for an exchange.

If I can get it working, I might just leave it on all-night at full volume (not in my ears!) to see how long the discharge lasts while playing...maybe that will give me some info.

Maybe I need to go with a different color....


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