Monday, January 01, 2007

Quick links

Just a handful of interesting links I've collected but haven't had the time to expound on...

Comics and Digital Image Tutorials

Retro-look serial Web comic: Johnny Crossbones

How to "antique" images to look like ragged books: How I did it -- by Les McClaine

Photoshop tutorial on creating old color-halftone images: How to Color like a Little Old Lady

Tutorial on how to add a colored element to a black and white digital image: Mono, with a Dash of Colour - Photoshop CS2 Tutorial [Digital Photography School]

Antique Japanese Photos Database

Metadata Database of Old Japanese Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Periods [Nagasaki University Library Collection] - I'm not sure where I picked this one up. But it contains a plethora of searchable "antique" images from Japan. It is an awesome resource for Japanese fans and artists.

Kimono Collections

Fall Hitoe Kimono--Kasuri and Fall Hitoe Kimono--Komon (via Japan Now & Then blog) - Lavie and Alvis have always wanted an authentic Japanese kimono. These are Fall designs, but are still very pretty. I've always admired the ability of the Japanese ladies to be able to wear these more traditional styles without batting an eye amongst the "modern" fashions on the street. One more cultural element of Japan I respect.

PS2 Game Guide Walkthrough's

GamePressure - The best site I have yet found on game guides including

Manly Personal Care

How to get that perfect shave - (Today, Weekend Edition -

As a kid, I remember Mom had a tin of various art supplies, ink pen nibs, clay sculpting tools, etc. It had a plaid design. In it (for some unknown reason) was an old-time safety razor (minus the blades). Its existence always puzzled me as Dad was a "modern" blade user. Mechanically with the flip-up blade lids, it was fascinating as a young boy. I want to say it was her father's but I don't know for sure. I see they still carry safety razor blades in the stores, but I am unable to find a safety razor to use them locally. I have heard they work great (and with a quality blade--better than the multi-blade cartridges). I want to try one and see as my facial hair is very thick and though I like a clean-shaved face (so does Lavie and Alvis) I must shave every few days (Sonny Crockett a-la Miami Vice style) so my face doesn't look like hamburger meat. I've tried every other product and technique without success (even electric razors) but cannot safely shave daily. I guess I'll have to order one on-line.

e-Barbershop (men's refined shaving and grooming toiletries)

How to Be a Gentleman - - Every man should have this. My brother got me this for a gift one year in honor of Mom's aforementioned father. This is priceless book to me for lots of reasons. Grandpa was the consummate would have never known he was a commended old-school F.B.I. "G-man"...or then again, maybe that gave it away.

Ask 25 Things Men Should Know How To Do - Not listed, but I would add - purge a pc of malware.


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