Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Software Finds and Miscellany

I love Sysinternal's Process Explorer. It has to be my favorite Windows utility. I noticed that my default view doesn't display a memory usage column like Task Manager. So with a little work, I figured out how to make it happen. First, on the menu bar, select "View" then "Select Columns." Now click the "Process Memory" tab and then check the "Working Set Size" option. Click OK.. Now just rearrange the columns to display in the order you wand and you will see the "Working Set" memory values displayed! Now it is much more similar (and useful) to Task Manager. There are a ton more column choices you can add as well. Play around and experiment. It's more useful than you can imagine!

PDF Pad - Get your downloadable graph paper! Calendars, Flags, Graph paper (7-kinds), Smith Chart, Staff Paper, Storyboards, and Sudoku! I wish they would also have some for Note-taking. Maybe I'll drop them a line tomorrow.

Startup Delayer (freeware) - Want to delay the amount of time a Windows startup item takes before it begins? Try this little utility. Maybe you want certain startup items to load in a certain order, or you want to delay something for troubleshooting. I'm sure you could find a handy use for it. via DownloadSquad

MagicDisc (freeware) - Mount ISO files as virtual disks - not quite the installation overhead of DaemonTools.

Magic ISO Maker ($) - Convert .bin files to .iso format (and do a whole lot more!). via Robert McLaws' WindowsNow blog.

Burn CDCC TerabyteUnlimited (freeware) - Burn ISO's to DVD directly, no installation needed! - via ComputerZen blog

Jetico Personal Firewall is still at public release version number (since 11-19-2004). I'm still using this one but still leaning towards switching my main desktop over to Kerio. Anyway...Jetico has been working hard at getting their next version out the door. Jetico Personal Firewall v.2 Beta It has quite a lot of changes and enhancements. Maybe I'll hold out just a little longer....

Very well written tutorial by Ryan McGinnis on how to create awesome looking HDR (High Dynamic Range) digital images with a little Photoshop work. Neat stuff for you budding digital photographers out there. See related "all-in-one" product Photomatix.

Gave up on my Logitech trackball. Keeps collecting dust and "gunk" too quickly. I'm constantly cleaning it now. Picked up this Logitech LX3 optical mouse with 1,000dpi optical sensitivity. The scroll wheel also can be moved to the left or right for activation of additional features. I set those to "copy" and "paste" actions so I don't have to pick up my hands from the mouse as much blogging. And, it was in a nice metallic-blue color that looks nice with my keyboard and pc lighting.

Lavie was a great and supportive wife when I announced my purchase plan.

Lavie- "Can't you just use the cordless mouse that works with your Wacom tablet?"

Me - "Um....yes. But see, THIS one will scootch around better than than the Wacom one on the tablet surface."

Lavie - "Scootch better on the wood desk?"

Me - " I'm going to get a laser-mouse optimized pad as well for it."

Lavie - "Ohhh. OK. I understand. Give me a kiss. I've been getting frustrated with the trackball too..."

(Whew! That was close!)


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