Monday, March 20, 2006


It's too late to rant. I'm too tired.

Long story short, a few blocks away from the office on my way home, I was sitting behind a stop-sign waiting to make my turn. Dude across the street at the facing stop-sign decides to pull out across the intersection (cross traffic has right of way).

Slowly pulls out.


In front of an oncoming car.

And get's t-boned.


Physics at work--momentum (or is it inertia?) causes both cars to spin out into mine.

Parked behind a stop-sign. Did I mention that already?

Woman who hit the non-yielding driver had her airbag deploy. Dude's car is probably toast.

Lots of witnesses behind me--officer has a ton of statements.

My car's front end is worse for the wear, but no pieces seem to have fallen off.

Had to have it towed to the shop.

Lavie and Alvis came by the office to pick me up and take me home.

I'm tired. Nothing I could have done. I was just parked behind the stop-sign. Stopped. Collision carried into mine.

Know how a NASCAR driver feels caught up in "the Big One" no fault of their own. Race over. Skip the pits. To the trailer, buddy.


Got home and tried to pay a bill--store closed. Sighs. Still had grocery's to buy, dinner to cook, clothes to fold. Alvis to tuck in bed.

Tomorrow I have a BIG project at work to execute. Have to borrow Lavie's car tomorrow. I'll worry about a rental on Wed. Sigh.

So, I did everything I was supposed to. I was being a defensive driver. I was responsible. Wrecked.

Did I mention I had just changed the tire on car in the office parking-lot because it was flat? Yep. Five minutes later I was wrecked. Lot of good that did. Sighs.

Topper? OK.

Dude who caused the accident is under-age. A juvenile. No driver's license. No insurance. Nothing.

Guess who gets to pay? Because I'm responsible and have my license and insurance, and everything. Yep. Me. Small claims court you say? Maybe. I will see.


Time for bed.

Wish I was a Time Lord with a Tardis. Just caught the new (to the U.S.) Dr. WHO on Sci-Fi network. It was really good. Could have used one of his sonic screwdriver thingies. Sighs.


And I really feel a deep sense of loss at having to leave my car at the scene getting towed to the body-shop.

I feel like I left a man down in the field of battle.

Stupid huh?

Tomorrow is another day....

PS.--I'm fine, friends and family. No self-body damage. Just my heart. Wrecked. I hate that.

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Jim Thompson said...

This happened to me once, except I was the one who T-boned a non-yielding moron. Happened in college. Wrecked the car of my dreams: a 1972 Triumph TR6. Hurts just to think about it. My non-yielder wasn't insured either. My car car was totaled. Her station wagon worked well enough to just drive away.