Monday, January 02, 2006

Reporting for duty!

Reporting for duty!
I have decided to name the monitors Tatiana and Alistia after two supporting characters from Last Exile. Tatiana is the primary monitor (L) while Alistia is the secondary (R). This seems fitting, as in the series Tatiana is the lead vanship pilot of the Sylvana, while Alista takes a more backsteat role and acts as as the navigator. She is very supportive and protective, however.

I had to make a stop on the way home to pick up a DVI cable to bring Alista to the party. I learned that DVI cables--although very important and helpful things for LCD pc monitors--are actually stocked in the "home entertainment" section of the big-box electronics store. Who would'a known? I'm also trying out UltraMon software. I am pretty pleased with it right now. I'm going to give it the full 30-day trial test before I decide to keep it. It does make multiple wallpaper management much more simple. It doesn't seem to be hogging any resources..

I am blogging again in IE 6.0 I'm still not sure what is going on with the image posting issues in Firefox. I sent an email to the Blogger staff, but don't expect any responses. IE 6.0 works fine while Firefox wants to ensert invalid code in the image links. I had a friend try their blog (thinking that I hacked up something making changes to my template code) but their standard one in Firefox does the same thing..

I am going to switch over to try the Firefox on Alvis's Linux system this week and see what it does. If it behaves, then the problem may be with something in the Windows Firefox code. If not, then it must be Firefox specific. I'm just not sure. It seems to persist even if I use the IEtab extension for Firefox. I am glad it isn't a problem with the template code.

I still am feeling uncertain about the primary font style for the blog posts here. I think the serif font style I used before was better, but I didn't like the discrepancy between the sans-serif font in the sidebar and the serif font in the primary posts. I'd really like your feedback.

Oh, one more thing. The image above of Tatiana and Alistia is actually a postcard included in the Last Exile DVD series as a bonus item. The long range bullet site has a zip file of all the cards. I'll post a link once their site comes back on line.

Time to send Tatiana and Alista into the skies!

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