Saturday, September 17, 2005

Bagwell Comes to Bat....

I have a confession to make. I'm a closet Astro's fan. I almost never watch them play during the period leading up to the All-Star game. Yeah, I might drop in on them every once in a while to get some of the new-guys' names down. I might peruse a sports column so I can casually talk baseball with some of the rabid sports fans at work. But I really don't follow them constantly. I love the beautiful Minute Maid ballpark at Union Station (by the way, the train they moved out front from Hermann Park looks awesome at it's new location!). I enjoy hanging out for a slow game at the park--once in a while. Maybe listen to a game on the radio when I have to work really late and NPR isn't on the local radio anymore. But I just don't follow them like I should.

So, last night it's around 22:00 and I'm putting Lavie and Al to bed. Al is on the phone talking to her Lavie's dad. Lavie is sulking because it's too late to read a chapter of HP-HBP. I'm flipping channels and come across the Astros/Brewers game. Ok. Tied. Ok. Bottom of the 9th. Ok. Runners on first and second. Ok. No Outs-Astros at Bat. Ok. Astros hold a slim lead on the wild-card slot. Ok--I'll bite. First batter--out. 2nd batter-pop-fly out. This is going into extra innings, I think. Up comes Bagwell? Wait. Bagwell? Isn't he still out on the disabled list? WTF?!!! The Brewers conference at the mound. Al perks up, Lavie stirs....No more flipping channels between baseball and "What not to Wear." They are definitely going to walk him. Yep. Only call to make. What? A pitch to him? Man! Look at him swing! He's gunning for the fence? Can he do it? A feeling starts to burst to life in the bottom of my heart.....another pitch....hard crank foul....I'm screaming now...drop it in the back field corner!!!...drop it in the back field corner!!!...the ball soars deep into the back field....the outfield are stretched....they run trying to cut it off....the ball drops....the runner comes home...BAGWELL WINS THE GAME! BAGWELL WINS THE GAME!!! BAGWELL WINS THE GAME!!!!!!

When things finally settle down in our house and all the standing fans are still cheering at the ballpark, a sportscaster grabs Jeff and interviews him. He remains humble, seeming embarrassed at the fuss. He comments on how he is just glad he can continue to help the team out.

Bagwell is why our family still loves the or loose. It's the attitude of Jeff and Rodger Clements (who played his heart out on the same day his mother passed away--just for her) and Biggio. Respect. They have it for their fans--guys, we have it in spades for you! Do your best--we will love you either way. can I top that?

Mando has a dual monitor desktop of an Astros ball-cap (shown above). He also has some historical ballpark desktop photos of Wriggley Field and Ebbets Field.

Houston Chronicle sports columnist Richard Justice writes about Bagwell in his blog.

The game's boxscore and a guide on how to read them.

Miscellaneous Landings:
Today To Do List:
  1. Get hair cut - skin on back and sides, short flatop.
  2. Go shopping for some new Levi's and cargo-twill pants for work.
  3. Shop for comfortable black combat boots\black lug shoes for work.
  4. Lavie has eye exam.
  5. Get birthday gift for Alvis's cousin.
  6. Go to aforementioned cousin's birthday party.
See you in the skies.

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Anonymous said...

Beat you to it. I was bored in class and clicked around some of your links. Found the astros desktop, called it fate and dumped it on the VAIO.

- Digger