Sunday, July 03, 2005

Keeping an Eye on the Grand Stream

While persuing "Last Exile" Lavie and I are challanged to cross a destructive barrier of winds and storms known as the Grand Stream. The closest thing most people will get to experiencing them will be an encounter with a hurricane. Since it is hurricane season here in the States, I thought it might be a good time to remind you of some good hurricane links.

Hurricane Tracking at Terrapin (simple, fast, great storm plotting), T-Storm Terry (lots of great radar and satelite images, lots of color), and NOAA (the government agency charged with keeping an official eye on them all).

Of couse, what good vanship pilot would fail to know and recognize the pilots who take their aircraft into the Grand Stream are our heros. Take a look at some of the brave men and women of the Hurricane Hunters here. See what it looks like in the Grand Stream with them with this photo site. Finally, get some historical information and pictures about the U.S. Navy's Hurricane Hunters.

For a historical reminder on why they are dangerous, take a look at the devistation of the 1900 storm in Galveston, Texas.

Hope you have clear skies!

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