Sunday, October 29, 2006


This morning:

Alvis - "Dad, they changed the time everything is coming on TV."

me - "Really? Everything?"

Alvis - "Yes! I can't find anything on when it was supposed to be!"

me - "Hmmmm."

me - (suddenly remembering the time change thing...) "Oh! I know"

Alvis - (suddenly remembering the time change thing...) "You really need to set the clocks, Dad."

me - "I know....sorry about that."

Alvis then proceeded to disappear into her room and come back a second later..."I've fixed mine with just one button press!" Her bedside clock-radio has that feature, as does Lavie's matching one.

Me? I'm left patrolling the house, TV and VCR, cell-phones, pager, cars, etc. and running the manual updates.

Scott Hanselman in his "timely" post Daylight Savings Time and Windows reminds us that some DST changes are coming in 2007 thanks to our meddling lawmakers. Windows IT staff may take a hit on this. Microsoft has information and a patch coming for XP SP2 and Server 2003. Other folks, using XP SP1 and 2000 will not get the DST change patch. may have to add that to your list of clocks to update manually. (Sigh)

Google Blog covers the proper form of using the word "Google". Good luck with that...

Paul Stamatiou gets on a timely rant regarding bloggers and failures to fact-check before posting: Words for the Wise. He makes some good points in his "5 Ways to Retain Your Blog’s Integrity and Reputation." Good work there Paul!

Q-TARO blogger posts pictures and commentary of his "PC History". Fun!

Sunbelt Software announced a new service called "Sunbelt CWSandbox". It's a malware analysis tool. You upload a piece of malware and will get back a response as to what it is doing. Really cool and free for public use.

Speaking of malware uploads for analysis: Two good sites to upload suspected virus/trojan files are or . Send up your file and let them be tested against a battery of scan engines.

SANS-ISC posts a great narrative of a disaster at data-center due to a series of unfortunate events. Good learning lesson for all you IT folk: Are you sure you're as prepared as you think you are?

Time to run!


Unknown said...


You could always just move over here to Japan. No pesky time changes here. Then again, it's dark at 4:30pm here, too.


Anonymous said...

You know Mike, it's funny you mentioned that.

We just finished up watching the latest installment of the Japanese drama,"101st Proposal" on cable. It's stuck me as funny how the main characters are always walking home so late at night from work, or their after-work get-togethers, or having soul-breaking conversations in the neighborhood playground at night. I never considered that it might actually be "earlier" that my Western reading of the darkness actually was!

That explains a lot!

Lavie and I were both tearing up during this episode...and neither of us can understand more than a few words of Japanese and the silly drama isn't even dubbed or subtitled either!