Sunday, October 29, 2006

Model Behavior....

Want to test your browser/feed reader's ability to render images?

Try feeding up pages from

He's been on a tear lately posting photos from rounds of the latest model/figurine shows in Japan and my browsers and feed reader have been choking on the image overload.


I have a few anime figurines that Lavie has bought me as gifts. They are relatively hard to find, and buying on-line requires a lot of research to ensure you don't get burned.

Good thing I don't live in Japan....I'd be in big trouble!

Plamo Radicon - anime figures, traditional models (cars, battleships, jets, etc.), Gundams, Tachikomas....all highly detailed.

Model Vehicles - planes and ships. Stunningly detailed.

Airgun - Japan has some pretty strict gun-possession laws on the books. Really strict. However, it appears that possession of frighteningly realistic air-powered guns is legal. Wow. Great detail on some of these things. Any of these would get you shot in a second if US law enforcement saw you on the street holding one of these....

Figure Event - More anime figurines from the Pamodel Radiocon 2006 show. Mmmmmm. I really like the shots of Yomiko Readman, Motoko, and this one from what I think is the ANA Uniform Figure Collection.

Speaking of models (the plastic vehicle kind) last weekend we brought one of Alvis's younger cousins home with us so they could play PS2 together. It was after a full day of celebrating his sister's birthday and dude looked like he needed some special attention as well.

On the way home we swung by the local craft/hobby shop and I let Alvis and Cousin each pick out a metal model car to put together. These things are great. They contain detailed parts, are pre-painted, and generally just require assembly with screws. Thirty or forty minutes later they had them assembled. He was so proud of his car. It was really nice.

It never fails to amaze me how something so simple like building a model can entertain and captivate a child....


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