Saturday, October 07, 2006

Windows Live Writer Features...Wish List

Some Windows Live Writer features I would really like to see in the final version:

1) Give me the option to toggle the paragraph code inserts on and off. Too often I have to post to my blog, then go back into it in the Blogger on-line controls and remove the extra paragraph code tags. I can do it in Windows Live Writer's HTML mode if I remember to switch into it before I post, but it is a hassle. I'd just like to turn it on and off depending on my wishes.

2) Enable "Tabbed" blog posting support. If I want to compose multiple posts at one time, I would like to open a new tab in the same Windows Live Writer (WLW) window and start a new post. Then I can switch between them both at will. If I close the WLW window and later reopen it...wouldn't it be nice to see them all restored? Kind of like Internet Explorer 7 or "that other fiery browser" nipping at your ankles?

3) Once I publish a finished post to my blog, offer me a dialog box to either close WLW, remain with the current post, or clear the current post and open a new blank the same WLW window (or a new tab..see #2 above!).

4) Can I please change the skin color? Blue is nice, but silver or green or something else might be nice also for a change.

5) Can I have a shortcut key-combo that allows me to paste a copied hyper link directly to a section of selected text? Yes, I appreciate the addition of the "insert hyper link" to the right-click context menu now, but I still have quite a few clicks to make it happen. Speed bloggers would like to select and paste hyper link directly onto the selected text and move on. If we want to make additional link control, we can use the enhanced "insert hyper link" tool you have given us.

6) Umm...I see in my RSS feeds on Google Reader that I have a mysterious post that was done while WLW was getting my blog style code. It doesn't show at all in my Blogger Post listing nor my "normal RSS feed" lists. The entry says I just need to delete it. Umm. How can I delete it if it isn't registering as a "real" post in Blogger? Just wondering.

7) I know there's not a lot offered yet in the tool bars, but it would be nice to customize them like in MS Office. Move them around the way I'd like. Or hey! I've got an idea. Could I pull them off the bar and float them? No? How about just move them to the left column for easy clicking? Is that hard to code? I know you kinda have some on the right, but I just want the icons alone on the left. That's just me, though.

8) Oh! Here's a good one! As I browse the Web, I collect links I'd like to blog and save them as bookmarks in a Favorites folder called "To Blog" Can you integrate a Favorites bookmark list into WLW? Sure it would be nice to have it linked/synced to my Internet Explorer Favorites folder, but even better, just give me a "hot-spot" on the tool bar so I could drag web-links from my browser and drop them onto the hot spot. Then when I am blogging, I could just drag them out of the "to blog" folder in WLW and drop them into my blog or selected text for instant hyper link insertion. Sure, give me a wizard to format it--the dialog box you have now should work fine to fine tune it.

9) I almost hate to mention this request...maybe if you implement "tabs" one could plug into Internet Explorer and have one of those tabs switch from "composition" to "browser" mode. Just in case I want two browse and compose in the same window. Sure. I have dual monitors but some folks don't. Might make blogging and researching more fun and efficient. I know. You got those state DA's and the EU breathing down your back and "browser" integration is a dirty word right now, but I promise. I'd appreciate and use it! That other blogging tool company "Performancing" offers a Firefox extension that let me blog and browse at the same time in the same window. I've switched to WLW but still miss that ability very much.

10) Ditch the Windows Live Writer name. It's fine for Beta, but needs a real snappier title. Sorry, no suggestions right now from me, but I might be blogging about it down the road. Right now it's kinda a mouthful.

Just wishing upon a star...


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