Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life on the cutting edge...

My current Firefox 2.0 RC2 Beta build was 2006091818.

We are all patiently waiting for the next release version.

So CyberNet Technology News had the following lead: Release Candidate Of Firefox 2 RC2 Available

"Mozilla has placed the second release candidate of Firefox 2 RC2 on their FTP. This is another confusing version because it should be called Firefox 2 RC2 RC2 so I tried to word it a little smoother."

The official testing day for this release candidate of Firefox 2 RC2 is tomorrow (Friday) and the scheduled release date is Tuesday, October 10. Everything seems to be running smoothly for me so they shouldn't have any trouble making that date."
After downloading and installing the new one offered above, my build version jumped to 2006100319.

I just installed it on top of my previous one. Working great.

It has become very stable and (besides the stupid copy/paste issue I keep running into) is very pleasant to use. I'm wondering if this will help with that singular annoyance.

As an added bonus, I'm finding more of my regular extensions for Firefox getting updated by the developers to 2.0+ support.


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