Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Microsoft...You have an Update Problem!

Finally more news.

Microsoft appears to have experienced a major "burpage" dishing out the planned updates for today.

"Waiter...where's the fly in my soup?"

After troubleshooting my desktop Windows Updates Errors, I considered doing a system reinstall...but held off.

Glad I did.

Delays on Windows Update & the Death of SUS (NEW) - SANS-ISC

Patch Tuesday delayed at the gate - Download.com Spyware Hunt blog

What to do is up to you.

You can download the updates "manually" from the windows download site if you don't want to wait.

SANS-ISC also has the patches ranked in importance...if you just want to get the critical, critical ones.

I myself think I will wait this one out until they fix the problem with their waiters....

Since I put my update folders they recommended I delete in a doggie bag, I might try to see if I can restore them and regain my update history list again....

--UPDATE: Microsoft Windows Updates are now flowing in the tubes again. I was able to put my seven web-offered patches on with no issues. I also restored the files I had cleaned out and "doggie-bagged" trying to get my Windows Updates to work this morning and....managed to get my Update history list back in place and showing the full history of installed items again. Whew!

Good thing I had a migraine all day today...kept me from having the energy to reinstall my XP system on what turned out to be Microsoft's issue instead. Yeah, I kinda take patches and smooth system updating that seriously....

Tomorrow? Hopefully we will see the release of Virtual PC 2007 Beta....


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