Wednesday, October 18, 2006

AVG 7.5 (Free) Anti-Virus Released

AVG 7.5 (free) has just been released. Build version is 7.5.408

The interface is familiar, but the icons and GUI has been polished up quite a lot. I was very surprised when the system rebooted and I got a chance to take a look at it.

It looks grown up!

It does not appear to be offered to current users of AVG 7.1 (free) via the update process. I checked and it only did a DAT update, not the full update release above. Maybe they are delaying it on a different auto-update schedule....I don't know. I couldn't find an official change log for this version, but here is the public information release for the commercial product.

Just to make sure you're covered....

Go download the current version.

Run the installer.

Select "Repair Installation" option from the setup-type window to install on top of your current AVG version

Once done, restart your pc. Then do a "check for updates" as I had one waiting to go one. Then play around and look at all the prettiness. It's not perfect. But it doesn't look like a Windows9x interface any longer! Very XP'ish finally!

Spotted via CyberNet Technology News

This one might get overlooked in the rush for everyone interested snagging the now available Internet Explorer 7 final release version.


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