Sunday, October 29, 2006

Excuses for...

So sorry about the non-existent blogging lately.

I plead a few excuses:

1) More "real-world" time spent with family and friends.

2) More "real-world" work sapping all my energy like Kryptonite.

3) Home desktop system failure -- left me feeling like Darth Vader watching his beloved DeathStar go up in flames. Bummer.

4) Stupid episode 26 of Eureka Seven anime last week got me all melancholy and stuff.

Excuses one and two you could all probably care less to hear about.

Excuse three, well, this IS interesting...but I'm going to save it for a later post...depending on how repairs work out. Shuttle small form factor pc owners will probably want to take note of what I've found....evil things may be lurking inside your case.....

Excuse four...deserves a post of its own.

Unfortunately, I can't blame it on Blogger's crappy service lately.

Nothing bites than spending time with extended family, talking tech-shop and pointing them to your blog. Then when you try the Blogspot page fails to render. That was really embarrassing. REALLY embarrassing. Luckily for Google's cache and some l33t Google searching tricks, I was able to pull some pages of my blog I was wanting to refer him to up anyway. It was ugly.

Bear with me, dear friends. I'm not blogging from my usual system, so my posts may be reflective of that fact....

Instead of my usual loooonnnnnngggg posts, I'm going to try to shotgun a few shorter ones today.


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