Sunday, October 29, 2006

RSS Feed Cleanup and Cross-Pollination.

Someone (Steve Rubel or Kent Newsome..I think) recently posted about cleaning up their RSS feeds.

I have about seventy-odd feeds I subscribe to at home, about fifty-odd at work. That's after going in and removing about 10 subscriptions from each set.

The content of those was still good, but I was finding not as directly relevant to my daily needs. While subscribed, I felt obligated to look over them anyway. So I just bit-the-bullet and axed them. It felt kinda nice.

I have two (actually three) sets of RSS feeds. One is on the home pc's and one is on my work PC.

There are multiple reasons why I have this set up this way. Some of my home feed items I don't want to tempt me at work. Some of the work ones I don't want to distract me at home.

However, every now and then I want to cross-pollinate and it can be a hassle.

Paul Stamatiou posted about Google's web-based RSS aggregator, Reader, and got me interested in how this could serve my purposes.

Then I hit on this post over at Lifehacker: Geek to Live: From Bloglines to Google Reader.

Inspired by what I saw, I decided to take the time to try it out.

It's got a lot of things working for it. It imports/exports OPML feeds which is a great time-saver (it handled my OPML import from Sage flawlessly), and the views are pretty easy to get a quick rundown on what's going on.

Google Reader Blog

Flash-based "How to Use Google Reader" by Andy Wibbels.

I'm not prepared to use it as my primary feed-reader, Sage still keeps me happy there. However, having both sets of my feeds centralized on Google Reader makes managing and cross-pollination of them very easy. And, it's a great and easy way to share with friends and family when I'm on the road.

If you have a Gmail account already, you might want to look into Google's reader.

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