Sunday, October 29, 2006

Things to see...

First you haven't been able to see my posts up to now.

The Blogger gremlins have been hard at work today....uploading of posts is working, but posting isn't. (Sighs)

Blogger did move it's Blogger Status page to it's Blogger-Beta service, which seems to be remarkably stable. Nice to have this one to check on now. I do sincerely appreciate them and their service. Really.

Anyway. Here is some fun stuff to see. I'm going to try not to over-describe these offering. Just trust me and check them out.

Girls' Love Stories (2006) - updated drama using a 1953 "romance" DC comic page. Funny. via Google Blogoscoped.

The "Perfect Desktop" - via Watashi to Tokyo. It is 100% Zen-like. The ultimate wallpaper. I should have thought of this...

My current wallpapers: Desktop - I have this sketch of Kimiko by Fred Gallagher (MegaTokyo) on a Fall-brown colored background. Puts me in the mood wonderfully for fall. Laptop desktop wallpaper: Nature Captured vector image by Silveryn. Another nice version: Change of Seasons. I really am growing to love vector artwork on desktop wallpapers. It renders so sharp and clean.

More wallpapers via The Apple Collection.

Speaking of Vector art...Check out the awesomeness in illustration that is Mark Gervais. Wow!

New WICKED-AWESOME movie coming out: 300

Man this looks good! I'm a sucker for good old classical stories.

This movie re-tells the story of the ancient battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans (and some others as well) battled King Xerxes and his Persian army until, holding them back against insurmountable odds...heroically faced their inevitable and eventual destruction.

The trailer really looks awesome and gives me chills. The actors was filmed almost entirely against blue-screens with computer animation filling it all in....just like "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".

I can't wait for this thing to hit the theaters...maybe March 2007?

Battle on!

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