Monday, February 16, 2015

Presidential (Day) Sysadmin Links

Yes indeed. It is Washington’s Birthday Day (a.k.a.Presidents’ Day ) here stateside.

So while I try to find balance on this odd day off (but on call), running errands around town, lightly blogging, and doing “honey-please-do-for-me’s” around the house, I thought I would “celebrate” by dropping some linkage for the sysadmin crowd.


I’ve been using a very old x64 build release with no issues, but decided it was finally time to go back to the updated x32 release line. So, Saturday I downloaded the FreeCommander PortableApps version and got busy rebuilding my FreeCommanderXE + Total7zip Plugin mods. Worked just fine when I was finally done.

  • DriverBackup! - - New driver backup utility find.
  • Double Driver - BooZet Freeware - Old standby to backup and restore installed drivers.

I mention these as while it is always a good idea to do a full system backup periodically, and make sure you have valid OS re-installation media, the core installation media will not usually have all the custom drivers for your system and unless you do a driver back up in advance, you will spend tons of time tracking down needed drives when you restore your system. Just saying.

Looking at the Korora project got me thinking about the many, many various Linux LiveCD and desktop project out there. I recently downloaded a “lite” distro LiveCD to give to a family friend in case the old Windows (Vista) PC they pulled out of mothballs (when their primary system got handed to me for service) didn’t load. These are the ones that I recommend and carry an ISO for around with me; just in case.

  • PCLinuxOS - In KDE, LXDE, MATE, or “FullMonty” desktop editions.
  • Ubuntu PC operating system -Well rounded and very compatible.
  • Linux Mint - In Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, and Xfce versions
  • SymphonyOS - uses the Mezzo desktop
  • Kali Linux - Advanced Penetration Testing Distribution - Not for general users but is super-powerful when you need extra tools for sysadmin/sec work.


--Claus V.

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