Sunday, February 08, 2015

Misc PXE/USB/HDD booting tips and tricks – Linkfest

Here is a mini linkfest of articles I have collected over the past month.

They generally deal with “specialized” booting of Windows systems.

Note: I love Kanguru flash drives, primarily because of the physical read/write lock switch their models provide. It is IMHO a must-have when responding to incidents or cleaning infected systems.

The last link above is more of a product announcement but it does claim to address one new trend in USB technology – BadUSB attacks where the USB firmware is compromised when the USB stick is attached to an infected host. What I don’t know is if their FlashTrust technology still allows the drive to be configured as a “bootable” USB drive or not. I’ve found that some natively (firmware/hardware based) encrypted USB flash drives cannot be used as bootable USB drives for – say – WinPE building and boot usage.

I don’t have a Kanguru FlashTrust drive to test drive or review for you but I’ll be looking to add one to my collection since my trusted 16 GB Kanguru Flashblu II 2.0 device is getting filled close to max capacity. This new USB 3.0 drive looks really nice and a 32 GB version should do nicely.


--Claus Valca.

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